Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rest Day: 8/20/2015

Notes: Right shoulder feels good today.  Left hip is caught on internal hip rotation.  Hopefully with some PRI work, that will free up.

Training: 8/19/2015

(video to come)

A. Hang Snatch: 6-8 singles @70% effort
B. Rot. EMOM for 12 min: (skill work - can add PC if you like)
1 - 4/4 Pistols
2 - 5 HSPU
3 - 5-7 T2B
C. AD 5 min @HR165-170
--5 min active recovery >130bpm--
AD 5 min @HR165-170

Notes: I slept a little better last night but was very angry going into today's training.   Just couldn't really shake the mood I was in.  Hang snatches weren't great today and my right shoulder was definitely bugging me.  Stayed with 165lbs. and 175lbs. for all sets.  No misses but the day off yesterday tightened me up and made me feel slow.  I should be better on Saturday as I will be training on Friday.  Just couldn't get the right readjustment and was overarching at the top to get power.  Pistols felt great on my right side but left side wasn't as good.  You can see in the video that my left ankle is missing a lot of flexion and I think this is due to lack of hamstring and glute activation on that side.  The gastroc just doesn't want to give on the squat as it is trying to hold me up.  Need to focus on relaxing the ankles better.  HSPU felt good.  I did 5 tng power cleans with 135lbs. into 7 t2b each round.  Power cleans didn't feel great.  Haven't worked touch and go in a little while but I cleaned up the technique a little.  Back was just dominant today.  Airdyne felt good (without warm-up) in the future I would have definitely done some work beforehand.  Held 275 watts for both sets.  Left hip and right shoulder were bugging me after training.  

***Later in the evening I realized something was up with my resting position in my shoulders.  when I put my back on the wall, they sit about 3 inches off the wall.  When I put them back to the wall, shoulder flexion feels a lot better!

Rest Day: 8/18/2015

Notes: Didn't sleep well last night so decided to take today off and get some extra rest for my shoulder.

Training: 8/17/2015

A. Push Press: 3 x 3,2,1; rest 3 min - not maximal
B1. Front Squat: 2 x 10-12, rest 2 min
B2. C2B Pullups: 2 x 20; rest 2 min
B3. HSPU: 2 x 15, rest 2 min
C. Oxy Squats: 4 x 5 @4040, rest 40 sec - 30%1RM

Notes: Felt pretty good going into training session today.  Wanted everything to feel crisp today.  Went into the push presses with my right shoulder feeling good, and I was nice and relaxed.   Hit a sold triple and double and then went for a PR at 275lbs.  Missed the first attempt because I didn't commit to the drive overhead.  Hit it the second time and the RPE was about a 9/10.  Just a solid single.  Front squats felt good, though my legs are still tired from Saturday's running.  Hit 185lbs. for all sets.  C2B are getting better each session now that I am working on my technique.

1. Not too much arch (keep hips tucked).   This prevents piking.  
2. Leave legs underneath on way down.  Then scoop as you get to the bottom. Much stronger kip this way.

HSPU felt really good.  Mayra helped me out too moving my hands farther back.  This allowed me to get off the wall in my tripod position.  

3. Keep hips tucked.  Don't overextend. 

Need to learn how to generate more power from here.

Worked on some hang snatches and today they felt great.  Need to bring this technique on Saturday.  Oxy squats felt good though I was using my back a bit out of the bottom.  This could be leading to weakness in pistols for sure.  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Rest Day: 8/16/2015

Notes: Right shoulder is finally feeling better! After my workout yesterday I stretched out the teres major/minor and that got my internal rotation freed up.  I am feeling no pain for the first time in a long time and I am grateful!!!

Training: 8/15/2015

A. Hang Snatch: Build to 2RM (185lbs.)
B. Clean Deadlift: 3x3 @ 33x1; rest 2-3min (moderate) (225,245,265)
40min Aerobic Work (20min Airdyne + 20min Run)

Notes: Was sore and tired going into today's training session.  I was also up late last night as well and didn't eat too clean.  When I got on the bar, I knew I wasn't doing anything special today, so decided to work on good technique and get some good movement patterns down.  Need to focus on the legs doing the work and not leaning back.  Also, when I hinge to get to the thigh, I may not be loading my hamstrings and may be loading my back instead.  Also, I don't think I am driving the hips down and instead, trying to go up.  Deadlifts felt good but not engaging the posterior enough.  Aerobic work went well despite the terrible heat of mid-August in South Florida.

Training: 8/14/2015

Clash of Fittest Testing
Workout #1b (with partner)
30 Front Squats
15 Rope Climbs
then women go
Time: 13:59 (just under time cap)

Notes: Didn't have much sleep last night as I was anxious about the testing today.  I refused to let that play a part in my happiness in going to the gym and I had a lot of fun today, so that is a plus.  Warmed up quickly on the airdyne, did some of my PRI drills, then got to work.  HSPU were 30 UB then I did another set of 10 on the back end.  I hit 14 front squats before handing it off to my partner Matt to finish.  I felt good on the rope climbs though I still need some work on the decent.  Happy with how this felt.

Workout #2 (in team of 4)
200 Wall Ball Shots (20lbs.)
200 C2B
200 Pistols
200 Burpees
Result: 1 burpee under 18min time cap

Notes: I started with wall balls hitting 40 reps UB and then another set of 40 later on.  Haven't done any large sets of wall balls in a while.  Nothing too challenging, they just suck!  C2B didn't feel particularly great today.  I was definitely over-arching on the way to the bar.  I am going to need some more touches on these before next Saturday.  Not sure what's going on there but it has to do something with the kip.  I need to hollow out on the way back, not throw my legs forward.  Pistols were better than the other day.  Hitting the wall balls before hand (along with the front squats) definitely got me good and loose for the pistols.  Second set I was flying.  All in all I was happy with today, especially with all the pullup volume I have been doing recently.

Rest Day: 8/13/2015

Notes: Right shoulder is still bugging me

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Training: 8/12/2015

A. Power Snatch: 5-8 x 1; rest 90 sec - moderate (185x3, 190x3, 195x2)
10-15 min Gymnastics skill work
40 C2B
40 alt'ng Pistols
30 C2B
30 alt'ng Pistols
Time: 7:49
10 min aerobic c/d
15 min mobility

Notes: After yesterday's tough training session, I wanted to try and clear my head of expectations and just enjoy my training session.  Had a great concept in my head of the pull and it worked very nicely for me today:

1. Hold the bar and envision pulling yourself through the floor,  driving the legs through the ground.  

If I stayed with this through the pull my hips dropped naturally and seemed nice and smooth.  For the first time doing this it felt great.

I practiced my kip for 10-15min or so, working on not being pike at the top.  Need to work some more on this and just use a small pull with my arms at the top.  Hit a set of 20 C2B then smaller sets from there.  Pistols weren't great today and I think it's because of the new PRI training.  Need to continue to work strengthening the new movement patterns.  Worked a little more on C2B after.

Training: 8/11/2015

15-20 min progressive aerobic warmup
5 min AMRAP @max effort: (note HR)
10 KBS 70lbs
10 Burpees
Result: 5 rounds + 5 KB Swings
--10 min active rest @>130bpm--
15 min @85%(HR155-173ish):
Run 400m
15 Wallballs
AD 20 cals
10 GHD Situps
Result: 3 rounds + 300m Run
--10 min active rest @>130bpm--
15 min @85%(HR155-173ish):
Row 500m
50 DUs
15 T2B
Notes: 4 rounds + 105m
10 min c/d

Notes: I had an emotional morning and was pretty tired going into the afternoon training session.  I warmed up on the airdyne and refocused before hitting the first part of the workout.  The pain set in about a minute in but I focused on breathing and keeping tight through my midline as to not fry out my back.  I was pretty happy with my ability to push, especially since I was pretty tired.  Didn't have the second gear on the next piece, but I kept consistent.  

1.Need to pull the heel up on running.  

I was just exhausted by the last piece.  Rowing was just miserable.  I was keeping just under 2:00 but it was tough.  Double unders were unbroken all but one set.  Same for T2B.  Grip was limiter there.  Hit my PRI work afterward.  Tough day, but I know that there is light on the horizon.  

Training: 8/10/2015

A. Split Jerk: 6-10 x 1; rest 2-3 min (go by feel)
B. Push Press: 1 x 5
C1. Front Squat: 3 x 10-12, rest 2 min
C2. C2B Pullups: 3 x 20; rest 2 min
D. C2B assistance work - 2-3 sets

Notes: My right biceps tendon was still bothering me a bit today and just couldn't get a good drive on the bar today.  Decided after my warm-ups to stay at more of the 85% range today and get some good work in there.  Hit a couple of solid reps but lockout was definitely soft on a few.  Push press was tough today and was barely able to squeek out 235lbs..  Front squats were as heavy as last time but for more reps.  They were brutal.  C2B felt good and went unbroken on all sets.  Need to work technique a bit more but I am heading in the right direction.  

Training: 8/9/2015

Notes: Right biceps tendon is cranky after muscle ups yesterday.

Training: 8/8/2015

20-30 min progressive aerobic warmup
5 rounds:
Run 400m @moderate pace
6 Muscle Ups
50m Rack Carry 155lbs
Time: 16:01
10 min c/d + mobility work

Notes: Had a rough morning working a beach workout which was hot and exhausting.  I made sure to eat breakfast then got to the gym where I airdyned for 25 minutes and then did my PRI drills before hitting a few swings on the rings and then got going.  It was very hot in the midday so I made sure to take the runs nice and smooth in order to keep my HR down.  Did all muscle ups unbroken and my sure to keep my ribcage down on the rack carries.  Workout felt great.  Hit my PRI drills as my cooldown.

Training: 8/7/2015

A. Power Snatch: 3-4 x 3 TnG, rest 3 min (175,185,190PR)
B. Front Squat: build to a heavy single, then 3 x 3 @70-77% of that. (295, 225x3x3)
C. Farmer's Walk: 4 x 20m; rest 2-3 min - build to heavy (315lbs.)
D. Strict T2B work - 3-5 sets (complete)
E. 10-20 min gymnastics skill work (complete)

Notes: Was feeling a little anxious today going into the gym.  I wanted to do well on the power snatches and this made me over-try.  I accidentally jumped to 195 from 175 and that threw things off a bit.  Either way, I wasn't going over 190lbs. today.  Front squats felt good but need to continue to strengthen new positions in order to move bigger weights.  I used the trap bar for farmer's carry today.  The grip on it is rough so I had to use gloves but it was good work.  Strict T2B work is going well.  I was able to get to the bar today, but still need to work on compression strength.  Tried to some planche work and lever work afterward. 

Rest Day: 8/6/2015

Notes: Hips are feeling good after doing the PRI drills.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Training: 8/5/2015

A. Hang Squat Clean: 5x2; rest 2min (215,235,255,255,275)
B. Deadlift: Moderately Heavy 5 with good technique (345)
C1. HSPU: 3xAMRAP; rest 2min (20,20,20)
C2. Rope Climbs: 3x3 For Time; rest 2min (37", 32", 37")

Notes: I was in Miami all morning get a PRI assessment.  I learned a lot of great things and was prescribed exercises to do to mend some postural problems that I have.  I hurried back home after eating lunch in Coral Cables, laid down for 10 minutes and then went to the gym.  I had about an hour and 20 minutes to hit this workout but I knew it wouldn't take too long.  I did a few exercises to get my hips ready, then got to work.  I will say that my pull didn't feel great.  I was lifting too much with my back and couldn't work with my legs and hips today.  Perhaps it was because I was getting overextended at the top position?  Felt a little heavy but after two sets at 255lbs., I decided to make a go for 275lbs.. I hit it relatively easy and that made me feel very good.  I quickly built up in the deadlift and realized I hadn't done deadlifts in a very long time (only on the trap bar).  They felt great off the ground but the touch and go reps were challenging because of dead weights.  HSPU felt okay even though I didn't have much of a warm-up.  Need to get more rhythm with my kip.  Rope climbs went well but I need to work on my descent.  Quick workout and felt good.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Training: 8/4/2015

Swim 100m/rest 10 sec x 4 (swim the 100s at ~1:53'-1:55' each) (1:50ish)
Swim 100m @hard effort x 1/rest 10 sec (1:44)
Swim 100m/rest 10 sec x 5 (try to swim the remaining 100s at ~1:53'-1:55' each) (1:50ish)
--4 min recovery--
Swim 100m/rest 10 sec x 4 (swim the 100s at ~1:53'-1:55' each) (1:38 then 1:48ish)
Swim 100m @hard effort x 1/rest 10 sec (1:41)
Swim 100m/rest 10 sec x 5 (try to swim the remaining 100s at ~1:53'-1:55' each) (1:48ish)
easy c/d swim
Mobility work

Notes: Man what a challenging workout today.  My stroke was feeling off and my lats were sore from yesterday.  I literally wanted to quit at the third set and had to make a deal with myself each time.  I kept thinking to myself, this next set won't be as bad.  I made it to the 10th set, and during the breaking drilled a little bit and found that I wasn't getting the lead arm underneath my body.  As soon as I made this adjustment, I felt so much more balanced and stronger.   I, without trying very hard, hit 1:38 on my first 100m on the second set.  From there it was much less struggle to continue.  I cleaned it up afterward even more and it felt so good. 

1. Wide Tracks
2. Rotate until body is supported over arm

Monday, August 3, 2015

Training: 8/3/2015

A. Split Jerk: 5 x 2,2,1,1,1; rest 2-3 min
B. Push Press: 2 x 3-4; rest 3 min
C1. Front Squat: 3 x 6-8 @20X0, rest 2 min
C2. Pullups: 3 x 20-25; rest 2 min
D. Band Ast'd C2B Strict Pullups: 2 x 4-6; rest as needed

Notes: Solid training session today.  I have been working on letting go of my training outcomes.  Not because I don't want to "set myself up for failure," but because I know I am capable of hitting my goals.  I just need to allow them to happen.  Warmed up for split jerks and my shoulders were feeling good.  Behind the back bar stretch really loosened up the anterior capsule so getting the bar back was no problem.  I wasn't driving on the bar however, and I didn't noticed this until I made my first attempt at 330lbs..  I missed it once and then started driving on it but it was a little late in the session to be making changes and was unable to hit it.  I am very excited to get back at it though as 330 felt lighter than it has ever felt on my shoulders.  Push press felt heavy today, and I am starting to understand why they have been feeling heavy recently: I am cutting my dip off which cuts off my hip drive.  I need to get a little lower in the dip in order to drive the bar higher.  I did this on the first rep with 240 and it flew up.  Unfortunately the momentum carried me down and I hit the blocks and it threw me off.  The next three reps were a struggle and my wrist was throbbing afterward.  

1. Drive hard under
2. Complete the dip

Front squats felt good today.  Opening the pigeon pose helps it immensely.  Pullups felt much better this week after looking into a little bit of tech work.  Need to get the chest through quickly on the way up

1. Chest through early (think arch body)

I did all sets unbroken and did C2B on the final set.

I did behind the back bar stretching, trap 3, and chest to ring holds to complete the workout.  Threw in 2 legsless rope climbs as well.

Rest Day: 8/2/2015

Notes: Back feeling good, and shoulder isn't really bugging me today either.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Training: 8/1/2015

A. Legless Rope Climbs: accumulate 6 quality climbs (complete)
3 rounds:
4 min AMRAP @hard effort:
Run 100m
15 Wallballs
30 DUs
--3 min active rest b/t rounds, AD @HR130-140--
1.  2 rounds + 100m Run + 15 Wall Balls + 9 DU
2. 2 rounds + 100m Run + 15 Wall Balls + 17 DU
3. 2 rounds + 100m Run + 15 Wall Balls + 24 DU
10 min Handstand Walk practice once done (wrist mobility work)
extra mobility work as needed

Notes: Got into the gym and rode the airdyne for 25 minutes before doing a little bit of mobility and then getting to work.  Everything felt good today, though I tripped up on DU's a couple of times because I was trying to go fast.  Nothing was overly difficult but there is a limitation on the speed I can go on wall balls and double unders.  Running felt ok but quads were smoked.  I was happy that I was able to increase work from set to set.  Walked away feeling good.  Hit the rope climbs afterward and did varieties of speed, and also various positions.  Felt great.  Overall good training session.  

Training: 7/31/2015

A. Power Clean TnG: 3 x 10,8,6; rest 4-5 min
3 rounds:
Row 2k @Z1 (HR<130 br="">5 Deficit HSPU
5 Squat Clean Thrusters @185lbs
10' c/d

Notes:  Went to sleep late last night so I was tired going into training.  Everything felt heavy warming up, but I sucked it up and hit a PR tng for 6 at 235lbs.. Moved into the "testing" piece and this actually felt great.  Rows were done right around 8:30 (2:07 pace) and the deficit HSPU were at about 6-7".  Squat clean thrusters felt good today.  Overall my breathing and my ability to move felt awesome.  Really liking where my aerobic ability is going right now. 

Rest Day: 7/30/2015

Notes: Right shoulder is still bugging me.  I have an appointment to see a PRI specialist next Wednesday.  

Training: 7/29/2015

A. Split Jerk: 5 x 1; rest 2-3 mins - tech work by feel (245,255,275x3)
B. Strict MU skill work + Bwd. Roll to Support: accumulate 18-21 good MU reps, plus try to get a few B Rolls. (complete)
C. Strict T2B progression - 5 x 3-5 reps, RAN (same as last week)
D1. Band As'td C2B PullupsChin Over Bar Hold: 3 x 30sec, rest 20 sec
D2. Supine Bar Rows: 3 x 8-12 @21X0, rest 3 min (10,10,10)
notes-ensure that scaps/humeral head does not roll fwd.
E. External Rotation work (completed with bands)

Notes: Right shoulder was bugging me today.  My lower back felt good however.  Went up to 275 and got most of my work in there.  Just couldn't get the bar where I wanted it.  Strict muscle ups didn't feel as good as last week.  I felt like I was piking too much.  I didn't have success on the backward roll to support either.  Strict T2B progression was taxing on my midline (90/90 hip tilt, V-Sit Hold x 30sec, Reverse Situps).  The combo between chin over bar holds and supine rows was brutal.  External rotation work was done with exercise bands.  

Training: 7/28/2015

15-20 min progressive aerobic warmup

20 min @85%(HR155-173ish):
Run 400m
10 Pullups
15 Wallballs
AD 30 cals
10 GHD Situps
25' L/R Lateral Pike Walk
Result: 3 rounds + 400m + 10 Pullups + 15 Wall Balls (3+200m Run last time)
--10 min rest @120-130--
20 min @85%(HR155-173ish):
Row 500m
40 DUs
10 T2B
Run 200m
15 KBS (light-moderate)
Result: 4 rounds + 16m (3 rounds + 6 KBS last time)
10 min c/d

Notes: Felt much better going into this workout today and I knew what to expect.  I also had another week of the 4x10min aerobic intervals under my belt and those made things feel a lot better.  Stayed conservative on the run and row today and that allowed me to push it on other movements.  Need more touches on pullups, but wall balls felt great.  GHD situps were set up properly from the last time I did them except my shoulders were bugging my bringing my hands overhead.  Double unders were unbroken this time through as were T2B and KB Swings.  Row felt awesome.  Overall, I was very happy with how these felt and I can tell my aerobic system is getting a lot stronger.  

Training: 7/24/2015

A. Hang Clean + Clean + FS: 5 x 1+1+1; rest 3-4 min (215,235,245,255,265)
B. Front Squat: 3 x 1 @85-90%; rest 3-4 min (275,275,285)
C1. Strict HSPU (normal way): 3 x amrap(-2); rest 90 sec (10,10,10)
C2. Kipping C2B: 3 x amrap(-3); rest 90 sec (15,12,11)
D. Band Ast'd C2B Strict Pullups: 1 x 10; rest 1 min (skipped)
E. "Oxy" Pushups: 3 x 5 @4040; rest 40 sec (complete)
Notes: In the morning, I went out on the boat on Lake Erie and spent a few hours out on the water.  The fumes from the boat, along with some motion sickness had my head pounding.  I was just not feeling well.  I went to train a few hours after getting home and wasn't feeling 100%.  Also, my back was still a little tender.  I went up 10lbs. since doing this complex two weeks ago, so that was good, however, I used a belt this time in order to give me a little more core stability.  Pull felt good today.  Front squats were rough as every time I stood up, I got a shooting pain through the front of my head.  Strict HSPU didn't feel too bad, but I need work on my C2B pullups as I am having a hard time generating power and need to work on sequencing.  I skipped the strict pullups for the day because I ran out of time at the gym, but I came home and hit the pushups in the driveway.  Overall not a terrible training session but I definitely need to work on my C2B pullup mechanics.

Training: 7/27/2015

(video to come)

A. Snatch: build to a heavy single, then 1 rep EMOM for 3 min @85% of that (205, 185)
B. Push Press: 3 x 5,3,1; rest 3-4 min (230,250,260)
C. Back Squat, slightly wider stance: 3 x 4,3,2, rest 3-4 min - 85% effort (300,320,330(1))
D1. Band Ast'd C2B Strict PullupsRing to Chest Hold: 3 x 30sec; rest 60 sec
D2. GHD Raises: 3 x 8-12 @20X0, rest 60 sec (complete with body weight only)
Notes: I was a little tired from travelling yesterday, and didn't get a great night's sleep.  Did my PRI drills at home and then got to the gym to warm up.  My pull felt pretty good at the top, but I could tell I was using my back a little too much off the floor.  Hit 205 after missing it once, then tried 215 before calling it and move to my drop sets.  Push presses felt a little heavy, but I was able to squeak out 250 for a triple.  Squats didn't feel great.  I think my external rotation was limited today.  I tried ring to chest holds today to give some more variety for the top position.  They were tough, but I still need to work on some shoulder extension.  GH raises felt great today! Having my hips in the proper position allowed me to access my hamstrings without putting strain on my lower back.  Happy about that.  Overall, it was a conservative first session back after vacation.

Rest Day: 7/26/2015

Notes: Travelling today, also watching the CF games.  Lower back feels good.

Training: 7/25/2015

(this is exactly the same as last week - note any improvements and RPE differences)
15-20 min progressive aerobic warmup
Run 10 min @85%(HR155-173ish) (2,176m)
--5 min rest @120-130--
Row 10 min @85%(HR155-173ish) (2,531m)
--5 min rest @120-130--
AD 10 min @85%(HR155-173ish) (181cals/3.4miles)
--5 min rest @120-130--
Run 10 min @85%(HR155-173ish) (2,270m)
5-10 min c/d

Notes: Hit this workout at Crossfit Painesville.  Warmed up for 15min and then did a little stretching before getting right to work.  The temperature was a little cooler in Ohio, but the humidity was significantly less so running was a breeze.  I felt good on the rower as well and kept my HR under 173 BPM.  My rowing stroke felt much better than last week as well.  I hit the airdyne portion on a different airdyne so that was not apples to apples.  Overall I felt much more confident in my conditioning this week than last week.