Thursday, August 13, 2015

Training: 8/8/2015

20-30 min progressive aerobic warmup
5 rounds:
Run 400m @moderate pace
6 Muscle Ups
50m Rack Carry 155lbs
Time: 16:01
10 min c/d + mobility work

Notes: Had a rough morning working a beach workout which was hot and exhausting.  I made sure to eat breakfast then got to the gym where I airdyned for 25 minutes and then did my PRI drills before hitting a few swings on the rings and then got going.  It was very hot in the midday so I made sure to take the runs nice and smooth in order to keep my HR down.  Did all muscle ups unbroken and my sure to keep my ribcage down on the rack carries.  Workout felt great.  Hit my PRI drills as my cooldown.

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