Thursday, August 13, 2015

Training: 8/7/2015

A. Power Snatch: 3-4 x 3 TnG, rest 3 min (175,185,190PR)
B. Front Squat: build to a heavy single, then 3 x 3 @70-77% of that. (295, 225x3x3)
C. Farmer's Walk: 4 x 20m; rest 2-3 min - build to heavy (315lbs.)
D. Strict T2B work - 3-5 sets (complete)
E. 10-20 min gymnastics skill work (complete)

Notes: Was feeling a little anxious today going into the gym.  I wanted to do well on the power snatches and this made me over-try.  I accidentally jumped to 195 from 175 and that threw things off a bit.  Either way, I wasn't going over 190lbs. today.  Front squats felt good but need to continue to strengthen new positions in order to move bigger weights.  I used the trap bar for farmer's carry today.  The grip on it is rough so I had to use gloves but it was good work.  Strict T2B work is going well.  I was able to get to the bar today, but still need to work on compression strength.  Tried to some planche work and lever work afterward. 

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