Thursday, August 20, 2015

Training: 8/19/2015

(video to come)

A. Hang Snatch: 6-8 singles @70% effort
B. Rot. EMOM for 12 min: (skill work - can add PC if you like)
1 - 4/4 Pistols
2 - 5 HSPU
3 - 5-7 T2B
C. AD 5 min @HR165-170
--5 min active recovery >130bpm--
AD 5 min @HR165-170

Notes: I slept a little better last night but was very angry going into today's training.   Just couldn't really shake the mood I was in.  Hang snatches weren't great today and my right shoulder was definitely bugging me.  Stayed with 165lbs. and 175lbs. for all sets.  No misses but the day off yesterday tightened me up and made me feel slow.  I should be better on Saturday as I will be training on Friday.  Just couldn't get the right readjustment and was overarching at the top to get power.  Pistols felt great on my right side but left side wasn't as good.  You can see in the video that my left ankle is missing a lot of flexion and I think this is due to lack of hamstring and glute activation on that side.  The gastroc just doesn't want to give on the squat as it is trying to hold me up.  Need to focus on relaxing the ankles better.  HSPU felt good.  I did 5 tng power cleans with 135lbs. into 7 t2b each round.  Power cleans didn't feel great.  Haven't worked touch and go in a little while but I cleaned up the technique a little.  Back was just dominant today.  Airdyne felt good (without warm-up) in the future I would have definitely done some work beforehand.  Held 275 watts for both sets.  Left hip and right shoulder were bugging me after training.  

***Later in the evening I realized something was up with my resting position in my shoulders.  when I put my back on the wall, they sit about 3 inches off the wall.  When I put them back to the wall, shoulder flexion feels a lot better!

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