Monday, August 17, 2015

Training: 8/15/2015

A. Hang Snatch: Build to 2RM (185lbs.)
B. Clean Deadlift: 3x3 @ 33x1; rest 2-3min (moderate) (225,245,265)
40min Aerobic Work (20min Airdyne + 20min Run)

Notes: Was sore and tired going into today's training session.  I was also up late last night as well and didn't eat too clean.  When I got on the bar, I knew I wasn't doing anything special today, so decided to work on good technique and get some good movement patterns down.  Need to focus on the legs doing the work and not leaning back.  Also, when I hinge to get to the thigh, I may not be loading my hamstrings and may be loading my back instead.  Also, I don't think I am driving the hips down and instead, trying to go up.  Deadlifts felt good but not engaging the posterior enough.  Aerobic work went well despite the terrible heat of mid-August in South Florida.

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