Monday, August 17, 2015

Training: 8/14/2015

Clash of Fittest Testing
Workout #1b (with partner)
30 Front Squats
15 Rope Climbs
then women go
Time: 13:59 (just under time cap)

Notes: Didn't have much sleep last night as I was anxious about the testing today.  I refused to let that play a part in my happiness in going to the gym and I had a lot of fun today, so that is a plus.  Warmed up quickly on the airdyne, did some of my PRI drills, then got to work.  HSPU were 30 UB then I did another set of 10 on the back end.  I hit 14 front squats before handing it off to my partner Matt to finish.  I felt good on the rope climbs though I still need some work on the decent.  Happy with how this felt.

Workout #2 (in team of 4)
200 Wall Ball Shots (20lbs.)
200 C2B
200 Pistols
200 Burpees
Result: 1 burpee under 18min time cap

Notes: I started with wall balls hitting 40 reps UB and then another set of 40 later on.  Haven't done any large sets of wall balls in a while.  Nothing too challenging, they just suck!  C2B didn't feel particularly great today.  I was definitely over-arching on the way to the bar.  I am going to need some more touches on these before next Saturday.  Not sure what's going on there but it has to do something with the kip.  I need to hollow out on the way back, not throw my legs forward.  Pistols were better than the other day.  Hitting the wall balls before hand (along with the front squats) definitely got me good and loose for the pistols.  Second set I was flying.  All in all I was happy with today, especially with all the pullup volume I have been doing recently.

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