Saturday, August 1, 2015

Training: 8/1/2015

A. Legless Rope Climbs: accumulate 6 quality climbs (complete)
3 rounds:
4 min AMRAP @hard effort:
Run 100m
15 Wallballs
30 DUs
--3 min active rest b/t rounds, AD @HR130-140--
1.  2 rounds + 100m Run + 15 Wall Balls + 9 DU
2. 2 rounds + 100m Run + 15 Wall Balls + 17 DU
3. 2 rounds + 100m Run + 15 Wall Balls + 24 DU
10 min Handstand Walk practice once done (wrist mobility work)
extra mobility work as needed

Notes: Got into the gym and rode the airdyne for 25 minutes before doing a little bit of mobility and then getting to work.  Everything felt good today, though I tripped up on DU's a couple of times because I was trying to go fast.  Nothing was overly difficult but there is a limitation on the speed I can go on wall balls and double unders.  Running felt ok but quads were smoked.  I was happy that I was able to increase work from set to set.  Walked away feeling good.  Hit the rope climbs afterward and did varieties of speed, and also various positions.  Felt great.  Overall good training session.  

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