Thursday, August 13, 2015

Training: 8/11/2015

15-20 min progressive aerobic warmup
5 min AMRAP @max effort: (note HR)
10 KBS 70lbs
10 Burpees
Result: 5 rounds + 5 KB Swings
--10 min active rest @>130bpm--
15 min @85%(HR155-173ish):
Run 400m
15 Wallballs
AD 20 cals
10 GHD Situps
Result: 3 rounds + 300m Run
--10 min active rest @>130bpm--
15 min @85%(HR155-173ish):
Row 500m
50 DUs
15 T2B
Notes: 4 rounds + 105m
10 min c/d

Notes: I had an emotional morning and was pretty tired going into the afternoon training session.  I warmed up on the airdyne and refocused before hitting the first part of the workout.  The pain set in about a minute in but I focused on breathing and keeping tight through my midline as to not fry out my back.  I was pretty happy with my ability to push, especially since I was pretty tired.  Didn't have the second gear on the next piece, but I kept consistent.  

1.Need to pull the heel up on running.  

I was just exhausted by the last piece.  Rowing was just miserable.  I was keeping just under 2:00 but it was tough.  Double unders were unbroken all but one set.  Same for T2B.  Grip was limiter there.  Hit my PRI work afterward.  Tough day, but I know that there is light on the horizon.  

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