Saturday, August 1, 2015

Training: 7/31/2015

A. Power Clean TnG: 3 x 10,8,6; rest 4-5 min
3 rounds:
Row 2k @Z1 (HR<130 br="">5 Deficit HSPU
5 Squat Clean Thrusters @185lbs
10' c/d

Notes:  Went to sleep late last night so I was tired going into training.  Everything felt heavy warming up, but I sucked it up and hit a PR tng for 6 at 235lbs.. Moved into the "testing" piece and this actually felt great.  Rows were done right around 8:30 (2:07 pace) and the deficit HSPU were at about 6-7".  Squat clean thrusters felt good today.  Overall my breathing and my ability to move felt awesome.  Really liking where my aerobic ability is going right now. 

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