Saturday, August 1, 2015

Training: 7/27/2015

(video to come)

A. Snatch: build to a heavy single, then 1 rep EMOM for 3 min @85% of that (205, 185)
B. Push Press: 3 x 5,3,1; rest 3-4 min (230,250,260)
C. Back Squat, slightly wider stance: 3 x 4,3,2, rest 3-4 min - 85% effort (300,320,330(1))
D1. Band Ast'd C2B Strict PullupsRing to Chest Hold: 3 x 30sec; rest 60 sec
D2. GHD Raises: 3 x 8-12 @20X0, rest 60 sec (complete with body weight only)
Notes: I was a little tired from travelling yesterday, and didn't get a great night's sleep.  Did my PRI drills at home and then got to the gym to warm up.  My pull felt pretty good at the top, but I could tell I was using my back a little too much off the floor.  Hit 205 after missing it once, then tried 215 before calling it and move to my drop sets.  Push presses felt a little heavy, but I was able to squeak out 250 for a triple.  Squats didn't feel great.  I think my external rotation was limited today.  I tried ring to chest holds today to give some more variety for the top position.  They were tough, but I still need to work on some shoulder extension.  GH raises felt great today! Having my hips in the proper position allowed me to access my hamstrings without putting strain on my lower back.  Happy about that.  Overall, it was a conservative first session back after vacation.

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