Saturday, August 1, 2015

Training: 7/25/2015

(this is exactly the same as last week - note any improvements and RPE differences)
15-20 min progressive aerobic warmup
Run 10 min @85%(HR155-173ish) (2,176m)
--5 min rest @120-130--
Row 10 min @85%(HR155-173ish) (2,531m)
--5 min rest @120-130--
AD 10 min @85%(HR155-173ish) (181cals/3.4miles)
--5 min rest @120-130--
Run 10 min @85%(HR155-173ish) (2,270m)
5-10 min c/d

Notes: Hit this workout at Crossfit Painesville.  Warmed up for 15min and then did a little stretching before getting right to work.  The temperature was a little cooler in Ohio, but the humidity was significantly less so running was a breeze.  I felt good on the rower as well and kept my HR under 173 BPM.  My rowing stroke felt much better than last week as well.  I hit the airdyne portion on a different airdyne so that was not apples to apples.  Overall I felt much more confident in my conditioning this week than last week. 

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