Thursday, July 9, 2015

War Games 2015

Notes: Didn't get the greatest sleep last night but it was good enough.  Woke up and ate before meeting my teammates and riding up to West Palm for the first annual War Games USA Fitness Competition.  It was very hot as I got there, so I knew drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day would be important.  4 events in 8 hours was the task at hand.  I thought we performed very well on all events and executed our game plan well.  I felt a little pretty good on the first workout, just didn't want to spill over.  Second workout was the muscular endurance test and I didn't do as well as I'd like.  Chest blew up and the burpees were a little slower than they should have been.  Need to work some muscular endurance in the future.  Third workout the limiter here was the fact the bars and KBs were so hot my hands were burning.  I ended up getting a blister on my pinky and my thumbs.  Last workout went off exactly like it should have.  I rowed a 1:38 500m and then was able to sprint around the field before getting back to the lunges and army crawling across the field.  Knees got scraped up a bit in the process but it was all in good fun.  We took third overall (some scoring errors involved), but I thought we had fun, executed, and learned a lot from the experience.

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