Saturday, July 11, 2015

Training: 7/8/2015

A. Snatch: 1 rep EMOM for 15 min, 5 @82%, 5 @87%, 5 @92% (185x5, 200 x 10)
B. Push Press: build to a 5RM for the day, then do as many sets of 2 w/20 sec rest until failure*
--mobility work to prep for MU/C2B-- (225 + 5x2. completed directly after the 5RM)
C. Strict MUs: accumulate 12-15 good reps (12 complete)
D. Band Ast'd C2B Strict Pullups: 5 x 5; rest 90-120 sec (purple band used)
E. Side Plank max test - 1 x each side; rest 4 min b/t sides (2 min/side)
notes-activate lat to keep shoulder stable; top foot just in front of bottom foot. Report time for each side.

Notes: Still feeling it a little from the weekend especially in the triceps and the lower back.  Made sure to activate these two areas appropriately before getting into snatches.  Snatches felt okay today, but a hair forward on all reps).  Missed the first two attempts at 200, so I stuck with that weight for the rest of the sets and was able to complete the next 8 reps without misses.  Haven't worked on the push press too much recently, and I was excited to give this a go (especially since my shoulder mobility has improved).  Hit 225 with a bit of a struggle and decided that would be my starting pointing today.  After a 20sec rest, I hit my first set and it was really hard.  For the next two sets, they got a little easier, then hard again.  I cut it after the 5th set as I was mentally spent.  Assisted pullups were touchy.  It's tough to tell if I am staying in a proper shoulder position so I have to refer back to the camera. I am also unsure of the muscles I should be using to get my chest all the way to the bar.  I don't think I have the flexibility right now to get low on the sternum, but the upper sternum was doable and felt strong.  Can't hold there yet, but it's getting better.  Plank test sucked, especially since I did a 2min front plank on Sunday, and now I was here doing it again.  Hit 2min/side and it was challenging.  Didn't feel a discrepancy from side to side.  Finished up with some mobility.  Good training session just getting back into things.

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