Saturday, July 11, 2015

Training: 7/7/2015


(go by feel today; if off just do recovery swim)
Swim 100m/rest 10 sec x 7-10 (swim the 100s at ~1:53'-1:55' each)
easy c/d swim
Mobility work
Times: 1:43-1:50

Notes: Was sore in my triceps and lower back so the swim was a good opportunity to work on conditioning without having to take a pounding.  Stroke felt good today, though I am not getting onto my left side very well (I worked on it afterward and it felt a bit better).  Middle sets were difficult, but they were still solid in time.  Recovery was pretty good and knowing that I only had 10 sets today really kept me motivated to hit every interval below 1:50.  

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