Saturday, July 18, 2015

Training: 7/13/2015

A. Snatch: build to a heavy single, then 2 reps EMOM for 3 min @75% of that. (215, 165x3, 185)
B. Push Press: build to a 5RM for the day, then do as many sets of 2 w/20 sec rest until failure (235lbs., 2 sets)
C. Back Squat, slightly wider stance: 10 x 1, rest 45 sec - 60%1RM - speed work (205lbs.)
D1. Band Ast'd C2B Strict PullupsChin Over Bar Hold (hands narrows, supinated grip): 5 x 30sec; rest 60 sec
D2. GHD Raises: 5 x 5-10 @20X0, rest 60 sec
E. Trap 3 work

Notes: Wasn't feeling upon warming up today.  Didn't want to push it so I built up to 215lbs..  The biggest obstacle was the transition at the top.  Just can't quite understand how to readjust and that is taking kilos off my lifts.  Did feel terrible coming off the floor either, just didn't want to stay close today.  Need to readdress this.  For the push press, I hit 10lbs. more than last week, but I was only able to hit 2 sets after the rest and those were extremely challenging.  Squats felt off today.  There is something restricting me from getting into a comfortable position.  I will address this when I have time tomorrow.  Instead of band assisted C2B, I have been doing chin over bar holds as I think that the isometric hold in that range of motion will transition into getting stronger in this position.  GH raises smoked my hamstrings.  Still can't keep my hips tucked while doing them.  Not sure if this is due to tightness in my thoracic, lower back, or just weakness in my core.  

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