Friday, July 3, 2015

Training: 7/1/2015

A. Jerk from blocks: 1 rep EMOM for 15 min, 5 @82%, 5 @87%, 5 @92%, then, if feeling good, continue to a heavy single w/2 min rest (+5 singles max) (267, 282, 300)
B1. Push Press: 3 x 3 @80%, rest 2 min (225)
B2. Pendlay Row: 3 x 3 @21X0, rest 2 min - 80% effort (165,175,185)
C. Jumping Back Squat: 3 x 3; rest 2 min - 25%1RM (skipped)
D. Trap 3/Ext. Rotators work (complete)

Notes: Warmed up pretty quickly today and got to work.  In warming up, I just wanted to get the bar in a good position but everything felt heavy, that's when I noticed I just wasn't finishing my leg drive.  Once I did that, everything started clicking much better.  I made 3/5 at 300lbs. (even though I couldn't hit that to save my life in previous attempts), and I came close to finishing the misses, but was stuck in the blocks.  I think I need to work on keeping the torso a little more vertical in the dip and drive and finish with my legs.  Now I know why my split jerk increases with my push press.  My legs definitely get stronger and it gets my dip and drive stronger.  Push presses felt good and fast and rows were focused on good position.  After the strength work, I worked on an event with my teamates for the upcoming War Games team competition.  I had 40 air squats, ~2min front plank hold, 500m row, 4x50m shuttle run, 10 jumping lunges, and 50m partner drag.  That was a burner but it was good to get it in in prep for Sunday.

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