Sunday, July 12, 2015

Training: 7/11/2015

15-20 min progressive aerobic warmup
10 min @85%(HR155-173ish):
Run 400m
16 steps OH Walking Lunge 75lbs
10 Ring Dips
Result: 3 rounds + 100m
--5 min rest @120-130--
10 min @85%(HR155-173ish):
Row 300m
40 DUs
40' HS Walk
Result: 3 rounds + 300m + 14 double unders
--5 min rest @120-130--
10 min @85%(HR155-173ish):
AD 30 cals 25cals Airdyne (small fan)
30m Bear Crawl
1 Rope Climb
Result: 3 rounds + 25cals

Notes: Got up and ate a small meal before heading to the gym.  Usually I would not eat before my morning training sessions, but I wanted to see if it would effect my energy through the workout.  I felt good warming up on the airdyne for 15minutes, quickly stretched my shoulders and hips, and then got to work.  Runs were done around 1:55 and OH lunges were unbroken.  I have trouble on the lunges not pushing back and trying to move right into the next step.  All ring dips were unbroken, though I had a little right anterior shoulder pain.  Row pace was 1:52 which felt tough but doable.  Double unders were unbroken and the HS was out and back 20'.  The row into the double unders got my heart rate into the 180s, so I would have to stop here to allow my HR to get back into working range.  Last AMRAP was a little easier to control because the Airydne is not as fatiguing to me.  Bear crawls were a nice change up and definitely caused localized fatigue in my quads and arms.  Rope climbs were good, and tried to go right from the bear crawl onto the rope.  

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