Friday, July 3, 2015

Power Monkey Fitness Camp (Training: 6/27/2015)

Notes: I travelled up to St. Augustine on Saturday morning to participate in the PMF clinic at Academy Fitness Crossfit.  Colin Geraghty and Mike Cerbus were the gymnastics and weightlifting instructors respectively.  Main point in the gymnastics lesson that I took away is that body position is key.  You need a solid arch and hollow body at all times in order to hit movements properly.  I personally pike way too much on movements.  I also need to increase my shoulder mobility in flexion.  On the weightlifting side, I felt pretty good.  Pull of the ground felt really good, and I re-enforced the proper bar position when overhead (I had it a little too far back).  Also, I need to practice the readjustment into the finish some more.  Overall, well worth the trip!

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