Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Training: 6/6/2015

AM Training:
20 min aerobic warmup

8 rounds:
Row 250m @aerobic pace
3 Muscle Ups
rest 45 sec
15 min ARMAP @80%aerobic pace:
Run 400m
1 Legless Rope Climb
10 BJSD 24"
10 min c/d

Notes: Didn't get a chance to eat this morning before training so I was definitely feeling a little fatigued here.  Hit 20min warm-up on rower, airdyne, and rower.  I haven't done any rowing in a workout in quite some time and my rowing technique feels off.  Hit all sets in about 1:13 (row pace ~ 1:45).  All muscle ups unbroken.  This was tough.  Rested about 8minutes and then hit the AMRAP.  Legless rope climbs felt strong and box jumps felt good, focusing on getting my hips underneath me.  Runs were done in about 2min.  Tough AM training.

PM Training:
Olympic Lifting Simulation
Snatch: 225lbs.
Clean and Jerk: 290lbs.

Notes: Warming up for the meet I could tell my legs were tired.  Knowing this I didn't push it too much.  Missed 205 a few times in warm-up and I knew 225 was the number for the day.  I was happy to hit that even though I trained in the AM.  Warming up for the clean and jerk, I felt my legs were shot and my shoulders were tired.  Hit 275 for my opener with the bar a bit forward.  Then went 290 and hit a grinder of a clean and barely hitting the jerk.  Happy with m legs getting stronger because I stood that clean up from a poor position and had enough legs to hit the jerk (only 5lb. under my all-time best).  Happy with the numbers under fatigue but a bit disappointed in my technique.  I need to pull better!

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