Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Training: 5/30/2015

15-20 min aerobic warmup + activation/mobility work, just a few gymnastic skills

AD 30 sec @90%aerobic/20 sec easy x 22
--3 min recovery b/t sets 11 & 12--
20-30 min easy aerobic work - your choice
Complete (avg. ~400 watts)

ELDOA T6/T7 - 60 sec

Notes: Felt okay warming up for this, yet I knew that it would be very painful.  Also feeling a little run down after working a little more than usual.  Tried for all sets of 400 watts during the 30sec interval.  Limiter was localized fatigue in the quads.  Last few reps of each set hurt pretty bad.  This is very much a mental game of not convincing yourself that you are hurting.

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