Sunday, May 10, 2015

Training: 5/9/2015

15-20 min aerobic warmup + gymnastic skills
AD 10 sec @95%/50 sec easy spin x 14 (900+ watts)
--3 min recovery--
AD 30 sec @90%aerobic/30 sec easy x 24 (400+ watts all but 5 sets)
Run 10 min easy (1mile run)
ELDOA T6/T7 - 60 sec

Notes: Man was this a tough workout mentally.  The number of sets was daunting and the pace at which I was trying to hold was challenging.  The burning in my legs was immense, but I tried to push hard and block out the bad thoughts with positive thoughts and play.  Lungs weren't the limiter here, but leg burn.  Recovery feels good between sets.

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