Sunday, May 10, 2015

Training: 5/5/2015

Swim 100m/rest 20 sec x 8 - intervals 1 & 3 are fast, the remainder are slower
1. 1:28
2. 1:56
3. 1:32
4. 1:58
5. 1:52
6. 1:53
7. 1:50
8. 1:45+
300m easy c/d swim

Notes: Starting to really hit my stride with my swim stroke.  Really needed to focus on keeping my weight forward and staying nice and balanced in the water and using the hip drive.  I am a few swim sessions away from being able to swim effortlessly.  Left shoulder was bugging me a little during the faster sets, and I was getting a head ache because I was rotating my head to breathe and putting strain on my neck.  Need to be able to rotate to breath.  

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