Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Training: 5/26/2015

Swim 100m/rest 20 sec x 10 - intervals 1 & 6 are fast, the remainder are slower
--3 min recovery b/t sets 5 and 6--
1. 1:26
2. 1:49
3. 1:47
4. 1:44
5. 1:45
6. 1:24
7. 1:47
8. 1:46
9. 1:48
10. 1:47+
300m easy c/d swim
ELDOA T6/T7 - 60 sec

Notes: Hit this in the morning and felt good going into the workout.  Warmed up quickly and got right to work.  The first interval felt ok, and the second set it was tough to recover but I fought through and got back into rhythm.  I played around with entry placement and wider tracks.  It seemed to help a bit.  The second fast 100m was faster than I have gone since coming back to swimming.  Technique was much better on this set.  Again, took about a set to get my lungs back, but was able to get back to work.  Hit 300m after slow and steady taking some rests and playing with technique.  Need to remember to keep my chest facing the bottom of the pool and not forward!

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