Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Training: 5/23/2015

15-20 min aerobic warmup + activation/mobility work, just a few gymnastic skills

(try to experiment with different breathing cadences today)
AD 30 sec @90%aerobic/20 sec easy x 18 (note 20 sec recovery now..)
--3 min recovery b/t sets 9 & 10-- (~400watts/set)
20-30 min easy aerobic work - your choice

ELDOA T6/T7 - 60 sec

Notes: Felt pretty fresh going into today's training session.  Wasn't too fatigued from the previous days session.  Hit a solid aerobic warm-up and then got to work.  Was able to keep over 400 watts for most sets today on the airdyne.  It was definitely rough but not maximal effort.  I tried to work on different breathing patterns and see how that affected leg fatigue.  I found that if I had slower breathing patterns my watts fell off.  High cadence breathing left me gasping for air a bit.  I think the best breathing pattern that I found was a 2 count in (more O2) and a 1 count out.  I will have to play around with this for sure.

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