Thursday, May 21, 2015

Training: 5/19/2015

Swim 300m/rest 1 min x 3 - swim the second 50m of each interval fast, the rest at aerobic pace
5 min c/d
ELDOA T6/T7 - 60 sec

1. 5:24
2. 6:30 (accidentally went 350m)
3. 5:31

Notes: Man was this a tough workout.  Warmed up for about 5min or so with some swim drills and then got to work.  Focus for today was to get the hips rotating to power to stroke.  First interval felt good.  Second interval I accidentally hit the lap button and didn't know whether or not I swam 300m, so I did an extra 50m just to make sure.  The last interval was rough.  It was mentally draining to continue to breath and pull under fatigue.  Definitely feel my aerobic recovery system building here.  Overall solid workout though my belly was filled with air from today's training.  

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