Thursday, May 21, 2015

Training: 5/18/2015

A. Hang Power Snatch: 4-5 x 2; rest 2-3 min (185,185,185,190,195)
B. Snatch DL: 3 x 3; rest 3 min (240,255,265)
C. Explosive Back Squat: 4-5 x 1-2 @20X1, rest 3 min - ~85%RM (315lbs. x 4 sets of 2)
notes-really focus on concentric power/speed
2 sets of:
2 rounds:
10 alt'ng Pistols (your choice of variant)
15 Pullups
then, run 400m @70% after 2 rounds
Time: 7:23

Notes: Felt good today.  Warmed up pretty quickly and then got to work.  Pull felt decent though I realized I am getting out of the way of the bar on the way up, instead of allowing the bar to travel on a more straight line.  Need to work on this a bit.  Hit a PR hang power snatch double and it felt pretty easy.  If I clean up that little technical fault I know I can be hitting 205lbs. very soon here.  Really focused on the SGDL to get that pull squared away off the floor. On the warm-up sets, I placed a PVC in front of my shoulder in order to reenforce driving with my legs and not leaning back (don't want to short the legs and compensate with my lower back).  Having such a strong back has it's perks, but I don't want to be using it here as it throws of the line of the pull.  265lbs. felt solid!  Back squats were a little heavy today.  Probably because I haven't squatted to full depth in a while.  Despite this fact, I was able to hit doubles @ 85% of my 1RM for 4 sets.  Cut the sets there because the bar speed wasn't staying consistent.  I moved onto the tester and got some warm-up in during the rest of the back squats.  Hit a few pullups and got the shoulder a bit warmer.  Ankles were pretty flexible and stable today.  I needed to wear running shoes during this workout as I was running so this was my first workout ever that I was doing pistols without wearing lifters!  I did pretty damn well too.  Need to continue to push the shoulder and ankle flexibility and stability.

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