Saturday, May 16, 2015

Training: 5/15/2015

A. Snatch : build to a heavy single (227.5lbs. PR)
B. C&J: build to a heavy single (285lbs. (300lb. clean PR)
C. Paused Back Squat at parallel: 2 x 2 @23X1, rest 3 min (305,325PR)
D. 3 rounds for quality:
5 min AD @Z1
Wtd Box Pistols to 14" x 8/leg @20X0 (12kg)
Reverse Hypers x 10-15 @1011 (gh raises)

ELDOA SI/L5 - 60 sec

Notes: I had a thought the other day that if I have to be technical while warming up for lifting, then don't go to maximums.  It constantly makes me frustrated.  If I am going to go all out, there can be no thought of technique or failure, just going after it with whatever I have in the tank.  Today I went 95,135,185,205,227.5 for a PR.  The pull didn't feel great, but I can feel in the better positions and increase in strength.  Once I figure out how to get off the floor better, I know I can hit 235 on the snatch easy.  Haven't gone heavy in the clean since the open.  Used my belt for the first time since the open as well so that gave me a little more confidence.  I smoked 265lbs. so went to 285lbs..  That was a 8/10 and I barely locked the jerk out cleanly.  I decided to go after 300lbs..  I chalked up and just pulled while trying to scrape it up my shins.  Though it was a hair forward, I was able to stand up after a bit of a struggle.  I had nothing left after standing up and was soon going dark, so I dropped the bar.  I was very happy to break the 300lb. part though, especially because I am this early into the offseason and I am also doing a good amount of aerobic training and testing.  I attribute this to my improvements in ankle and hip mobility, along with my improvements in mindset and psychology.  I went on to hit a PR pause double at parallel which was tough.  Pistols felt great though I need extra work on my left ankle.  It is behind on rotation and flexibility but both are continuously getting better.

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