Saturday, May 2, 2015

Training: 5/1/2015

A. Block Snatch Pull + Snatch off blocks: 4 x 1+1; rest 2-3 min - 80-85%
B. Block Clean Pull + Clean (mid-thigh): 4 x 1+1; rest 2-3 min - 80-85%
C. Paused Back Squat at parallel: 3 x 3,3,2 @23X1, rest 3 min
D. Cross-Under Shrimp Pistol: 2 x 4/side w/slow control, RAN
AMRAP in 8 min:
10 Push Presses 135lbs
15 T2B
20 Box Jump/SD 24"
20 min c/d
ELDOA SI/L5 - 60 sec

Notes: Got a better night's sleep last night so felt good going into training.  Block work felt pretty good and went with 210lbs. for all sets today (though I tried one rep at 215lbs. and it wasn't there).  Still having an issue with bumping the bar out (not keeping my hips back).  Need to do a little extra work here.  Went heavier than last time on the cleans (took out the pull as it was feeling awkward).  Paused squats were heavier than Monday and felt good (RPE 8/10).  Went right from there into the AMRAP as I didn't have much time before class.  Hit this workout with a training partner which was great since I was able to push hard and think about beating someone and not just sitting back at my own pace.  Pushed the pace as hard as I could.  Limiter was pace on box jumps (leg burn).  Unbroken on push press and 8/7 after first round of T2B.  Just tried to keep moving as quickly as possible and minimize the amount of rest between sets, not just trying to go unbroken the entire time.  After class I worked on ankle flexibility and am getting closer to sitting in the bottom of a pistol on the right side.  Left side is a little behind but I am get closer to being able to bang them out with no problem.  Just need to keep working hard.  The isometric work along with PAILS/RAILS has been really helping.     

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