Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Training: 4/7/2015


5min Swim Drils
Swim 100m x 2 (Every 2:30) (1:33,1:30)
Swim 150m x 2 (Every 3min) (??)
Swim 250m x 1 (4:06)
5min Cool-Down Drills

Notes: Felt pretty good going into today's training though I had some personal issues earlier in the day.  Warmed up with some drilling and then got to work.  I haven't swam anything longer than a 100m since I was a triathlete 5 years ago, but the 2x100m was a good warm-up.  Breathing felt pretty good and I was wasn't starving for air.  Hit the 150m and I was getting into a groove by the second set.  I slowed everything down and just focused on being relaxed and that helped.  One thing that limits my ability to float is my arm angle.  Single I have tighter lats, it's hard for me to get the arm higher in the water without my legs dropping.  I will need to work on that but I am very happy with being able to swim for over 4 minutes without stopping and felt good afterward.  Cooled down with some more drilling.

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