Sunday, April 26, 2015

Training: 4/24/2015

A. Block Clean Pull + Clean off blocks: 4 x 2(1+1); rest 2-3 min - 75-80% (225,225,235,245)
B. Snatch DL to hip + Snatch Pull: 4 x 3+1; rest 105 sec - 80%ish of Sn (185lbs.)
C. Cambered Bar Back Squat to parallel: 2 x 3 @5011, rest 2:30' (265lbs. x 2)
10-8-6-4-2 rep rounds:
Box Jump/Step Downs 30"
Handstand Walk 20m b/t each round.
Time: 8:33

90/90 Pails/Rails (5 min protocol) Complete

Notes: Slept lousy last night. Felt good enough to train however.  Left hip was definitely tender going into the workout so I made sure to warm up properly.  Went from a higher position on the blocks today so it was pull and get under as fast as possible.  No misses and kept intensity to 8/10.  Snatch deads felt good though I could stay back on the pull a little better.  Back squats went surprisingly well, pushing the weights heavier than last time.  Didn't really do an prep work for tester other than hitting a few muscle ups and did a HS walk.  Broke up muscle ups after the round of ten and got right back on.  Just keep moving.  Tough to get into the HS walk because the stability needed is taxing on the lungs.  

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