Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Training: 4/20/2015

A. Block Snatch Pull + Snatch off blocks: 4 x 2(1+1); rest 2-3 min - 70-75% (185x2,195,205(f+1), 210)
B. Cambered Bar Back Squat to parallel: 4 x 3 @5011, rest 2:30' (235,245,255)
C. Wtd. Box Pistols to 14": find a 5RM/leg @3010, rest 1 min b/t legs (16kg/leg)
notes-hold wts in rack position
D. 3 rounds, rest as needed:
Strict Pullups x amrap (10,10,10)
Reverse Hypers x 8-10 @2012 (bodyweight only)
(ensure that you stay in a hollow position & don't go into extension)

90/90 Pails/Rails (5 min protocol) Complete)

Notes: Felt good going into today's workout.  Sleep has been much better since I started getting to bet at a more regimented time.  I warmed up with some for thoracic rotation work, then went into some lower body mobilizations in order to free up the ankles and the hip internal and external rotators. My hip flexors have been a bit tight recently.  My pull felt really good today though the platform I was on was very slick. This caused me to be a bit sloppy in my footwork.  I was able to PR my snatch pull and snatch x2.  The setting of the blocks made it extra challenging as well since the area just above the knee is harder to pull from than the thigh.    Need to work on consistency and confidence now.  Squats felt really good today (I have been working on my ankles).  The 3 reps are much more manageable than 5 at this tempo.  Did the pistols to a box with my lifters on today and was able to hit 16kg, the right leg being easier than the left.  Still a little funky with the strict pullups.  Not engaging the lower traps enough to get full retraction causing me to run out of room.  Also, hanging from the bar causes a ligament or tendon in my lower back to spasm slightly.  Need to get my chiro to look at this tomorrow.

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