Saturday, April 11, 2015

Training: 4/10/2015

A. Block Clean Pull + Power Clean off blocks: 5 x 2(1+1); rest 2-3 min - 70-75%
notes-pull+PC+pull+PC= one set (205lbs. x 5 sets)
B. Snatch DL to knee + Snatch Pull: 5 x 3+1; rest 105 sec - 65-70%ish of Sn (155lbs. x 5 sets)
C. Cambered Bar Back Squat to parallel: 2 x 5 @5011, rest 2:30' (245lbs. x 2sets)
50 HSPU for time - each time you break, complete 1 Legless Rope Climb 4:40 (3 breaks-rope climbs performed in L-Sit Position)
90/90 Pails/Rails (5 min protocol) Complete

Notes: Hit this workout this morning at CFBB.  Felt good going into the workout.  Left hip was feeling good.  Lower back was a little tight and sore, especially between the lower vertebrae.  Cleans need to be more vertical on the finish to prevent the bar from bumping out slightly.  Same deal with the pulls.  Cambered squats heavier than last week.  Need to continue to work on ankles.  HSPU were a surprise.  4 sets to complete and legless rope climbs were easy.  Happy with training.

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