Thursday, March 5, 2015

Training: 2/25/2015

10 min Gymnastics skill/play

A. Power Snatch: 5-7 moderate singles, rest ~90 sec (185,185,195,195,205,205,215(too low)
B. Snatch Grip DL: 3 x 2-3, rest 2 min (185,205,205)
notes-by feel; moderate loads
C. Rotate EMOM for 20 min:
1st - 10 Burpees
2nd - 10 C2B
3rd - 10 Box Jump-Overs 24"
4th - 10 T2B

Notes: Hit this workout at our sister gym.  Didn't really warm up the shoulders as good as I wanted to and rushed the tech work beforehand.  Was sloppy until I hit a couple of solid reps at 195lbs.. The difference was that I was leaning back entirely too early.  Need to get those shoulders over the bar.  Hit 215 which would have been a PR, but it was just at parallel.  Even so, to hit 10lbs. under my max that easy is awesome.  Snatch grip deadlifts were used to reinforce hips back.  EMOM went well though my lower back was hurting after from T2B.  Not extending through my lats enough.  C2B were ok, but I need to get my chest through to the bar better.  Box jump overs were smooth. Happy with today's training session.

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