Thursday, March 5, 2015

Training: 2/23/2015

A. Squat Clean Thruster + Jerk: 4 x 2+1; rest as needed (195,225,235,245(1+f+1)
Row 30 sec @90%/30 sec @50% x 12 (complete~1:45)
--3 min recovery--
3 rounds @high effort:
10 Thrusters 95lbs
15 KBS 53lbs
50 DUs
rest 1 min b/t rounds
20 min Z1

Notes: Front rack position was a little funky today,  Elbow are getting caught in a little bit.  Squat cleans felt good, though I was driving out a bit on the thruster portion.  Hit PRs on doubles and singles in the squat clean thruster.  Jerk felt money.  Rowing was ok, though I think I work on my technique a little bit.  Thrusters were ok though I was having issues with the front rack position.  KB Swings were tough to get a solid overhead.  Finally found my stride on double unders at the third set when I brought the elbows in a bit.

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