Monday, March 9, 2015

Open Workout 15.1 Retest

Open Workout 15.1
9min AMRAP:
15 T2B
10 Deadlifts (115lbs.)
5 Power Snatches (115lbs.)
6 rounds + 7 Reps
6min to Establish 1RM Clean and Jerk

Notes: Hit this workout in the morning and was pretty nervous/exhausted going into this workout.  I was very worked up about doing well, but I reminded myself that I cannot attach my self-worth to the outcome of the workout.  The only thing I changed during my warm-up this time was I hit 2x20sec Airdyne at 97% to preload some lactate.  This really helped during the workout.  I was smooth all the way through on 15.1 and maybe could have pushed it a little faster on the toes to bar but all and all I was very pleased with how this felt.  Moved into the clean and jerk where I first hit 235lbs., then went right to 275lbs..  275lbs. was rough but stuck the OH fairly easy.  I had no choice but to give 290lbs. a ride and I was able to eek out the clean and stuck the jerk though it was a press out.  I was mentally exhausted after this workout but happy I was able to keep it together and put together a solid performance.

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