Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Training: 2/9/2015


15 min aerobic warmup
Row 2k @80% effort
rest 2 min
50 Deadlifts for time @275lbs
rest 2 min
Row 2k @max effort
15 min c/d (AD, run)

Notes: I had a so,so night's sleep last night and woke up very early (4:30am).  It was my birthday today and seeing this workout as my training was just cruel.  I was scared going into this because I know how far south a workout like this can turn.  Hit 15min of run/bike/jump rope/run and then hit some mobility before building up in weight on the deadlifts.  Decided I would hold just under 2:00 on the first row, go 10/10/10/10/10 EMOM for the deadlifts, and see what I had left on the last row.  First row was rough.  Not being able to push it just played on my mind.  First 10 deadlifts went smooth, as did the second set.  I started gaining confidence, and once I did, I smashed the last three sets.  I found that my back felt the worst at the top when I would allow my back to overextend slightly, so I focused on keeping my ribcage down and bringing my hips through.  Stayed with the legs off the floor much longer and that recruited my hamstrings and glutes a lot more and saved my back.  I was very happy to be done with these deads in 4:12, especially since my back felt great! Back on the rower I went and I kept the expectations very conservative.  I broke the row into 200m at a time, dropping the pace 1sec/200m.  I started at 1:57 and worked it all the way down to 1:52, but that is all I could get it down to until 400m left when I started picking up the pace.  Last 200m was at 1:45 or below.  There was some pain after the row but nothing catastrophic.  Just lots of but burn and some heavy breathing, but nothing I was writhing over.  Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.....

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