Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Training: 2/7/2015

15 min @75%(HR150-165):
Run 800m
20 Walking Lunges
15 Box Jump/Step-Downs 24"
Result: 2 rounds + 800m + 20 Walking Lunges + 7 Box Jumps
--3 min recovery--
15 min @75%(HR150-165):
Row 1000m
50' HS Walk
50m Farmer's Walk (moderate)
Result: 2 rounds + 700m
--3 min recovery--
15 min @75%(HR150-165):
Airdyne for cals
Result: 225cals

Notes: Got to the gym early and hit this one.  Didn't fuel properly before hand (not enough gatorade) because I was feeling sluggish during the second AMRAP.  Runs were a little tough today, just tight.  Going from lunges to box jumps was rough.  Rowing was ok, but was toasted.  Held a 2:00 pace or under for all sets.  HS walks felt okay though my shoulders weren't really warm.  Broken into out and back 25'.  Farmer's walk did with 32kg/hand.  Out and back 25m.  Jumped on the airdyne and tried to hold 15cals/minute which wasn't too bad.  Felt good afterward though after hitting some 90/90 stretches, I had some pain in my right knee.

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