Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Training: 2/6/2015

A. Squat Clean clusters: 4 x; rest 10 sec/3-4 min (225,235,245,255)
B. Front Foot Split Squats or Ecc. Box Pistols: 2 x 6; rest 90 sec (same wts as Mon or more) (12kg)
4 rounds for time:
20 C2B
Time: 6:38

Notes: Mind was pretty fresh going into the gym today, but my legs were a little bit from Wednesday and probably work from Monday even.  My pull is getting better by the day in the clean, and I had some good thoughts today.  Hit 255lbs. x 5 with no misses which is a PR.  The 10sec rest period is a whole different animal from the 20sec I was doing a couple of months ago.  Hit Ecc. only Pistols today and used 12kg.  I found that I was just trying to stay tight instead of driving back up and controlling the decent that way.

The tester went better than expected.  I was planning on breaking the C2B into smaller sets but I was able to hit the first set unbroken and then went 10/10, 5/5/5/5, and 10/6/2/2.  Found that I wasn't allowing my chest to get through on the C2B and that prevents me from regaining tension throughout the chain, forcing me to pull with my arms much more.  HSPU weren't too bad today.  Limiter was shoulder fatigue but I am gaining confidence in this area, and the fear is going away.

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