Thursday, February 5, 2015

Training: 2/2/2015

AM Training:
A. Snatch: build to a heavy single in few attempts (205lbs.)
B. Snatch: 30 reps for time, 75%1RM (165lbs. 7:48)
C. Front Foot Split Squats or Ecc. Box Pistols: 4 x 6; rest 90 sec (BW, 20lbs., 20lbs.)
notes-choose based on foot, how it feels

Notes: Felt a little tired getting into the gym today.  Felt off in the snatch today.  Just wasn't able to use my legs well and my butt was shooting up.  Moved onto the snatches for time after hitting 205lbs. in the heavy single.  I was bumping the bar out a bit and catching without tension in the bottom (combined with the deadlifts from Saturday) my back tightened up good.  Made it through with a relatively unimpressive time.  Did eccentric only weighted pistols from the box and this lit up my quads and hamstrings.  Can definitely see transfer over to the pistol with this movement. 

PM Training:
AMRAP in 7 min:
15 Power Clean to OH 115lbs
15 C2B Pullups
Result: 4 rounds + 1 Rep

Notes: Warmed up and got right to this.  My left shoulder was bothering me from the AM session and I was concerned about my lower back.  Decided to break right into 6/5/4 on the clean and jerks in order to keep the HR down.  After the third set my back started to lock up so I had to drop down to singles which were much slower.  Chest to bars felt great today.  A little disappointed with the days training, but I will move on.

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