Thursday, February 19, 2015

Training: 2/18/2015

A. Front Squat: 3 x 1-2; rest 3 min - by feel, heavy but not maximal (265,285,300lbs. PR)
5 rounds:
10 Burpees
10 C2B
rest 45 sec b/t rounds
Complete (~:45/round)
3 rounds:
7 Hang Power Snatch 95lbs
7 MUs
rest 1 min
15 min aerobic c/d

Notes: Great training session today, though I was feeling a little tired this morning, and aggravated going into the gym (though I am not sure why, maybe just a mean streak in mean against the weights).  Warmed up with my usual routine of stretching and activation work then loaded up the bar and started squatting.  Everything felt heavy today, but I said to myself, "Just keep pushing."  Hit 265,285, and then went for a PR at 300lbs. and hit it.  The first rep felt heavy, but I went for the second one and was able to grind through a solid rep.  Happy with that.  I attribute the increase in my front squat to the single leg work I have recently been doing, along with the increases in ankle flexibility and internal hip mobility.  Moved onto the energy system work.  C2B finally feeling better.  Needed to pull forward at the top to get the chest to the bar, but to also reload the lats by getting into the correct bar forward position.  Snatches felt great today, but the muscle ups felt a little labored.  Hit the first two sets unbroken, but then fell apart after 5 reps on the last set.  Worked a little after and found I wasn't getting my hips through enough and continuing the drive up.  My L5/S1 was hot afterward from the big kip in the muscle up.

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