Friday, February 13, 2015

Training: 2/13/2015

optional gymnastics skill work to start (go by feel) (skipped)
A. C&J:
1 rep every 30 sec for 10 reps; 75% (225lbs.)
1 rep EMOM for 5 reps; 80% (240lbs.)
1 rep every 90 sec for 5 reps, 85% (255lbs.)
B. Row 400m @sustainable, aerobic pace/rest 45 sec x 10
Complete (~1:54 pace)

Notes: Felt good getting into the gym and with some recent thoughts in tweaking my pull, I was confident getting over the bar.  Decided to build to a heavy single in 5 attempts.  Went 185, 225, 255, 275.  No misses and pull felt great.  Legs were a little tired so I called it after the 4th attempt.  Dropped to 225lbs. and started the clock.  Power cleaned and jerked to save my energy.  Pull felt great here too.  Lats were tight at 225lbs. so push under wasn't great and the bar wasn't getting as far back as I would like.  240lbs. were squat cleans but the extra rest was good.  Hit a little mobility on the shoulders in the middle of this and then the bar was getting back where it should be.  Moved onto 255 and had no issues there.  

Quickly got to my row (lack of time).  Hit 1:54 pace for all rows.  These were tough but doable.

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