Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Training: 2/10/2015

5min Swim Drills
Every 90sec:
Swim 50m @ 80%
x 10 sets
active rest 3min
Every 2:30
Swim 100m
x 2sets
20min Cooldown Stretching (lats and pecs)

Notes: Today I was to swim 30min and since I was feeling good, I decided to put a workout together by feel.  Right knee was feeling better as well.  Something clicked a couple of weeks ago with my swim stroke so I have been itching to swim more and more.  It's fun when you can actually do something that you are fighting the whole time.  Rotation was the key.  Leg arm anchors, and then I rotate my body forward of that point.  Was hitting 50sec on each 50m.  100m were around 1:45 each set.  After my second set of 100m's the clock was at 30min so I hopped out and hit 20min mobility on lats and shoulders.  Felt good.

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