Saturday, January 10, 2015

Training: 1/7/2015

A. Power Snatch: 5 x 1, rest 2 min (185,195,200,200, 205)
B. C&J: 3-5 x 1, rest 3 min (255,270,280,300(F),  290(F), 270)
2 rounds:
AD 2 min @85%
10 OHS 95lbs
5 Bar MUs
rest 3 min
For 8 min, every 10 sec:
even - 1 Deadlift @50%RM
odd - 1 HSPU (deficit if easy)
Complete (230lbs.)

Notes: Legs were still sore from Monday, but I was able to PR/tie my personal best in the power snatch.  Technique felt pretty good, though I couldn't find the perfect spot for my hips.  Clean and jerks were good though a forced an attempt at 300lbs.. Racked it but couldn't stand up.  Knew better than to do that.  Didn't have that number today.  Overall I think my pull felt good today, but my shoulders were tight so the lock out was rough.  2 rounds felt good, nothing too bad here though my quads were killing me.  Deadlifts felt good, and with my shoulders more open, the HSPU were easy.

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