Saturday, January 10, 2015

Training: 1/5/2015

A. Gymnastic Skill - 10-15 min:
Flat Tuck Front Lever - 4 x 65% of new max
Planche Lean - 4 x ~10 sec w/full shoulder protraction (lean as far fwd as able for ~10 sec)
completed after workout

20 min AMRAP:
20 Thrusters 135lbs
20 Pullups
20 Burpees
30 min C/d @120-130bpm
Result: 4 rounds + 3 Thrusters

Notes: I did this workout in January of 2012 and did 3 rounds flat and it was rough.  A full round better than last time.  Overheating was the limiter.  Breathing felt good but just systemic burn and heat were terrible.  Planned on one round every 5 minutes and I stuck with it.  Just had to stay disciplined on getting back on the bar for sets of 5 thrusters.  Pullups felt good, burpees the heat was horrible.

30 min Swim - include some short, tougher efforts
Will Complete on Tuesday afternoon

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