Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Training: 1/24/2015

A. Power Clean: 3 x 1.1.1; rest 15 sec/3-4 min (235,250,260)
3 rounds @97%:
6 TnG Deadlifts @275lbs to start, build each set (275,295,315)
15 sec AD Sprint
rest 5 min b/t rounds
10 min recovery
AD Sprint 20 sec @97%/rest 3 min x 3 (19,21,19)
Row 6 min @Z1
AD 6 min @Z1
Run 6 min @Z1

Notes: After I had my lesson with Don, I was excited to get back to lifting.  Pushing with the legs off the floor and staying with it is the key.  I have a tendency of either not pushing my legs at all, or pushing my knees back. but not driving through the ground.  Either extreme is incorrect and I have to get some reps doing it properly.  Happy with the 260 power clean cluster.  Weights were feeling good today and being on 6 days our from competing is a bonus.  Deadlifts felt good today, not too much pressure on the back but my glutes were toasted after.  Airdyne went well.  Did some eccentric on step-downs afterward for some neural grooving.

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