Friday, January 2, 2015

Training: 12/22/2014

A. Gymnastic Skill - 20 min:
Flat Tuck Front Lever - 5-6 x 5-6 sec
Free Handstand skill work
Wall Press Straddle HS
PPPu w/hover

B. Squat Clean clusters: 4 x; rest 15 sec/3 min (235,245,255,265)
notes-add each set
C. Back Squat: 3-4 x 3; rest 3 min (275x3,3)
notes-all sets moderate
for time:
10 pHSPU
20 Strict HSPU
30 Kipping HSPU
Time: 6?
accumulate 35 Straight Arm Pulls to Inverted Hang on Rings, pike down slowly taking 4 sec each rep.
Did not complete (Forgot)

Notes: Front levers felt good today though I feel my shoulders sliding forward as I descend.  They don't feel quite as connected as before.  Was able to hit my first tucked planche after this workout.  I think I might change my gymnastics work until after since this sometimes wears me out.  Clean clusters felt good and I hit a PR at 265lbs.  Legs feel strong though I had one off rep and my back felt a little funky.  Carried over into the back squats and didn't go crazy because of it.  Burnt out quickly on HSPU work.  Need to get better here quickly.  

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