Saturday, January 10, 2015

Training: 1/2/2015

A. Gymnastic Skill - 10-15 min:
Flat Tuck Front Lever - test your new max, then 3 x 65% of that. (max was 6 seconds)
PPPu w/hover (complete)

B. Squat Clean + Jerk: 5-8 singles, rest 2-3 min (245,255,265,275,255,280(F),285)
notes-add each set
C. Back Squat: 4 x 3,2,1,3; rest 3 min (305,335(1),345(f),310x3)
D. HSPU: amrap in 3 min - 2 scores, amrap unbroken set to start + total (29/47)
Deadlift 185lbs
Ring Dips
Time: 2:08

Notes: Felt good with gymnastics work though I was a little worried it would tire me out for the lifting.  Cleans felt good today and I hit a comeback PR at 285lbs. (all-time best is 295lbs.).  Jerk felt great.  Wish I could continue on with the single leg work since I think it is helping out a lot.  Back squats were down today after the heavy cleans.  Lots of misses at the top of the ROM.  Just couldn't lock out reps.  Weird, but I think it was from the cleans.  HSPU didn't feel great.  29 reps isn't good right now. Need to be in the 40s unbroken (though these are at a slight deficit).  Was crunched for time so did the tester a few hours later.  Deadlifts felt good today, as did ring dips.  Happy with my push here.

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