Monday, January 26, 2015

Training: 1/12/2015

A. Dynamic Back Squat: 6 x 2 @20X0, rest 45 sec - 55%1RM
notes-explode up!
B. Squat Snatch TnG @135lbs: practice pacing, 15-20 reps total
Airdyne 68 cals @hard pace, then
AMRAP in 5 min:
10 C2B
Run 100m
50 DUs
then, (after the 5 min) do 10 MUs AFAP to end the workout
Result: 2 rounds + 10 C2B + 10 HSPU
15 min aerobic c/d

Notes: Squats felt good today.  Squat snatch TnG was okay, but I could feel that I was bumping the bar out.  Warmed up for the tester and then got to work.  Airdyne was tough but finished in about 2:40.  C2B weren't too bad, but the HSPU felt rough (I worked on these afterward and cleaned up my technique).  Run was okay and went unbroken on DU's.  Muscle ups were in sets of 4 and 3 to finish up.  Didn't feel great with this workout but wasn't too horrible.

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