Sunday, January 11, 2015

Training: 1/10/2015

AM Training:
3 rounds @85%:
10 Deadlifts 185lbs
15 cals AD
20 Wallballs
15 Box Jumps 24"
10 T2B
rest 2-3 min b/t rounds
1. 2:12
2. 2:13
3. 2:26 (50 double unders)

Notes: Got in early and got warm.  This workout wasn't too bar as the movements were nearly as high a turnover and power output as last week.  Deadlifts felt good though looking at the video I probably could have gotten more vertical at the top.  Instead of Airdyne (busted) I hit double unders (going to need those next week).  Wall balls were done to a 12' target since that is what I am going to need to do next week.  Box jumps were easy. T2B felt good.  

Run 800m x 4 @5k pace/Jog 400m recovery
1 mile c/d run
1. 3:20
2. 3:19
3. 3:12
4. 3:09
Notes: Runs felt great today.  Need to keep the hips forward and not get the chest leading as this causes the hips to go back and I overextend.  Belt buckle first! Breathing felt great here.  No issues at all and I definitely could have pushed harder if need be.  Kept it conservative as I didn't want to go too deep here.  

Run/Swim 25 min easy

Notes: Fantastic swim session.  Took some notes on exactly what I need to focus on.  Going to put the finishing touches on the technique next week and I should be good to go come next Saturday.

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