Monday, January 26, 2015

Fri 1/16-Sun 1/18: WZA


All done (now that I have settled in and home resting)

Finished 38th out of 70 competitors. Didn’t look at the standings the entire weekend. Just wanted to stay present and enjoy the experience. Staying away from my ego and staying with my truth and purpose.

Competitors were good. Not too many noobs so every heat had decent guys (nick fory who was one spot out of making to the games won the entire thing). I had a great time and it was an amazing experience.

I slept well most nights, there was waking in the middle of the night on Friday and Saturday night due to lack of fueling/dehydration but probably just some restlessness from the day before.

As for my performance, I just couldn't go fast enough.

First workout, I paced well, but just had no go toward the back half of the workout. (3RFT 21 C2B, 15 HSPU, 9 Snatches (135lbs.)). Legs were just smoked after.

Second workout was the assault bike and I finished this in the bottom quarter of the division (2:45) many did this around 2min (+/- 10sec)

The 5k obstacle course was a mixed bag. The run felt GREAT but I got stuck on an obstacle because I lacked stability because my legs were completely shot. Logs/balance beams while holding gas jugs filled with water. I was basically doing a crouched lunge for 50m. Really slowed the overall pace but the run felt good. Legs were shot after, especially my calves.

After the first day my legs were trashed.

Day 2 started with l-sit/wall ball/swim- l-sit hit 51/9sec for a quick finish there. Wall balls sucked bad. No repped to 12' target about 15 times because I kept airballing. swim went ok (felt like death) but I got back to the wall ball and finished all the reps under 4min and that got me back to the l-sit for 9sec (12th and best finish).

Workout 5 was the ladder. Legs were pretty crushed by this point and I barely cleared the 255lb. bar. Pull felt really weak from the hang. Jerks felt good.

Workout 6/7 was the shuttle. Couldn't push on the shuttle and was slower than everyone else. Broke once on dubs and that added insult to injury. No sense of urgency. Had 1min to rest before going into the T2B/ROW/OH Walking lunges. T2b did 20 then 5s. Slower than everyone else (or something I thought I would do well at). Row was 1100 cals/hr for the 30cals. Breathing was heavy and just couldn't dig at all. OHS walking lunges weren't as bad as I thought but I got caught in the bottom of the lunge a couple of times and I really struggled to stand back up with the 150lbs.. Decent job of pacing on this one, but once again I just couldn't push a pace. Tweaked my left teres/shoulder on the lunges (felt a crunch with bar overhead).

Slept about 6 hours and was up at 4:30 the next morning.

Left shoulder was a bit tweaky warming up but spirits and energy were good. Last off the pistols but made up ground on the 30 power cleans at 150lbs. 5s and then doubles but with about 12 seconds rest between reps. Just paced. Moved to muscle ups where I did 5,3,3,2,2 and made up ground again. Next were the push jerks (about 9 min in) and then I started to lose it metabolically. 4x5 there and then back to the rope climbs. I got screwed with a short rope and I had a really hard time foot locking so I couldn't be efficient. It was really frustrating because others had full length ropes. got back to the bar with 60sec left and cranked out 9 thrusters before barely missing the final rep as time expired.

Last workout was the burpee box jump overs and I paced a little on the 10s. From there I just went as fast as I could but couldn't keep up with the faster guys. Just had no speed. Metabolically this wasn't the worst but was moving slow. DB snatches weren't terrible but not great on the left side.

Right now my left shoulder is a little beat up, and definitely tired but nothing too crazy going on.

Didn't feel in the best metabolic shape (though some of it could be due to stress/sleep) this weekend and obviously higher lactate testing (ie airbike) did not go well.

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